Lashesprda Vendor-Craftsman spirit like the 3D Admission Notice of Tsinghua University.

Lashesprda Vendor-Craftsman spirit like the 3D Admission Notice of Tsinghua University. Recently, a group of photos of three-dimensional Admission Notice from Tsinghua university went viral on weibo. Foreign netizen : OMG! I want to go to the Chinese college entrance examination.

  • The production craft of admission notice

School introduction: this is a handmade  unique admission notice!At the moment of opening the notice, a miniature “second school gate” with a unique sense of technology appeared on the paper.It is said that the “two school gate” on each notice is carved with laser first.Then by the manual cut more than 30 pieces of paper art parts, in the hundreds of widgets after the patchwork can produce such a handmade product: unique Tsinghua admission notice.It takes about 10 minutes to make one, even with a skilled worker!The finished product was so lifelike that everyone couldn’t put it down.
  • The production craft of Mink Lashes

Like the admission notice from Tsinghua university, our 3D mink eyelashes are purely handmade products. The production process of false eyelashes is shown in detail below
1 We workers put eyelashes one by one.
2After the hairs are placed, we need to observe them with a microscope to see if they are in order and symmetry.
3 Workers need to glue at two points of mink lashes strip
4 Remove excess hair
5 We use a unique heat treatment process to shape
6 Finally, a pair of false eyelashes are observed under a microscope to see if they are symmetrical
In addition to beautiful appearance, handmade products are more important because they have soul, because it is workers who are doing it with heart. Only products made with heart can be beautiful.
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