Dramatic false eyelashes:Weekend Column-Forbes’ highest-paid woman in music

Dramatic false eyelashes:Weekend Column-Forbes’ highest-paid woman in music

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It is going to the weekly star column again. Today let’s talk about who is the highest-paid woman on the Forbes music list. Born in Pennsylvania, she was the first woman to appear on the cover of Time magazine three times. She is: Taylor Alison Swift.
  • Taylor’s creative path

She is an American singer-songwriter, music producer, philanthropist and actor. As one of the most influential singers in the world today, she is known for writing songs about her personal life.Not using voice modification and her sweet voice, which has been praised by many people.
From album 《Fearless》、《Speak Now》、《Mean》、《reputation》、to《Lover》, She has always insisted on creating and making her own songs.Please enjoy the song:You need to calm down below.
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  • Dramatic false eyelashes

Taylor wore soft peach and pink shades of makeup and a pair of dramatic false lashes at the American Music Awards. She is also the first singer to wear 25MM false eyelashes.
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