Cat-eye Mink Lashes——The quest for freedom of 3D Mink Lashes

Cat 3D mink lashes for freedom , it is there 3D MINK LASHES VENFOR to shine your beauty.

It is there 3D Mink Lashes Vendor to shine your beauty . —Lashesprda

  • The freedom of American

Cat 3D mink lashes for freedom . On July 4th, the Independence Day of the United States, this is a alive and extraordinary festival. Back to 1870,On this day, people ringed Liberty Bell, Which represent people’s desire and yearning for freedom. Just as lashesprda‘s design team pursues 3D Mink Lashes USA : designing false eyelashes with soul, and each pair of 20MM Mink Lashes, 25MM Mink Lashes are unique.

  • The freedom of Cat-Eye Lashes

From lashes lengthlashes stylelashes band and  lashes raw material ,Cat-eye Mink Lashes are changing step by step.

  • The freedom of  3D Mink Lashes

1.Design department of Lashesprda: There are only two people of mink lashes designer in China so far. Oscar   Chief Designer,is one of them.  He is the creator of 3D Mink Lashes、20MM Mink Lashes、25MM Mink Lashes、28MM Mink Lashes.Every season,Oscar and his team launch new and hot products around the world.

2.According to the needs of the international market, our designers constantly pursue freedom and updates styles.  Oscar always walks in the forefront of fashion, leading the trend of international false eyelashes. Many of our designs become hot styles.Like:Natural Mink Lashes (Sweet and elegant style)、Silk Lashes UAE (Natural smooth style )、DH Mink Lashes USA(Sexy and charming style). Different styles for different occasion,different styles give you different beauty.Here are some hot selling.



  • The freedom of Grace

Grace Tanzanian is a girl who is totally addicted to Mink Lashes now.She wears prdaLashes  wherever she goes. She only wore Natural Mink Lashes before because environment she lives,But now She has different style almost every day.Pursuit of beauty can make you closer to freedom.Here are her pictures.As you can see,Beauty is different with different styles.


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