Customized round lash boxes ideas

If your eyelashes want to attract customers, then you need to have an attractive eyelash packaging box. If you are looking for a custom eyelash packaging vendors. Lashesprda has everything you need. lashesprda eyelash packaging box series manufactured by lashesprda  include multiple types. to top it off. lashesprda also provides with professional custom eyelash packaging service. Today let me show you some customized round lash boxes ideas .

With the popularity of false eyelashes. round eyelash packaging boxes are becoming more and more popular. The best selling plastic round packaging boxes and paper round packaging boxes are now available in the market. And also acrylic lash box and acrylic eyelash case with mirror . So, let’s have a more complete understanding of these round eyelash packaging boxes.

Plastic round eyelash packaging box

Plastic round packaging box has been deeply loved, because not only the price is cheap and light. but also can print your own labels, so it has been sold very well in the market. Lashesprda can customize many styles of round packaging box, It can direct improve your eyelash business.

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Paper round eyelash packaging box .

Nowadays, people are pursuing environmental protection more and more. so eyelashes pack are constantly upgraded.Eco-friendly round eyelash cases were born. It is very popular in Europe, America, Canada and Australia.

paper round eyelash packaging box

Gold and black cardboard eyelash box, paper round cardboard eyelash packaging box

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Customized round lash boxes ideas, Acrylic lash packaging.

Acrylic It’s also a very popular eyelash cartridge. It can custom made eyelash packaging with mirror. It looks very luxurious and shimmering like a gem, but it is not expensive. So it is super popular with eyelash customers.

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Acrylic lash packaging with mirror

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Lashesprda all eyelash packaging box can print your own logo . If you want to improve your eyelash business, then you must try to change a new eyelash packaging box. Maybe the new eyelash packaging box can attract customers and improve your eyelash business. To order your eyelash packaging box please contact customer service Ada。

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