Does the price determine the quality of 3D Mink lashes?

Does the price determine the quality of 3D Mink lashes?

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The answer is Yes , Absolutely!!

  • You get what you pay for

There is a saying in China: Good goods are not cheap,Cheap goods are not good.

Expensive goods must have its reasons:Rent、labor cost、raw material and advertisement cost and technology,These all need money. False Lashes is contacted closely with our skin.What technology does cheap lashes use? More info about technology CLICK HERE Cheap lashes must have damage on your eyes .   So we should be very careful when choosing Mink Lashes or Lashes Vendor.  Just like Skin care products we apply, do you want them to  produce in the factory below? Lashesprda‘s factory Please CLICK HERE

  • The different feeling of wearing cheap lashes and expensive lashes

1.The expensive lashes are weight-light,It wont have a sense of pressure on the eyes. If you often wear 3D Mink Lashes that are oppressive to your eyes,It will cause eyes deformation.I recommend you try high-end Mink Lashes, You will be addicted to our Natural Lashes10-16 Mink Lashes25MM Mink Lashes after trying.Here are there hot selling lashes, for more style,Please CLICK HERE

2.Expensive mink Lashes can blend in your makeup, It makes you look elegant and more attractive. It will give you more confidence. The raw material of Lashesprda is 100% mink and cruelty-free,which Give you a feeling of being close to nature. in short,the feature of high-end Mink Lashes are natural-looking.

  • Eyelashes Business

If you are doing Mink Lashes Business,The most important is to have customers:old customers and new customers. New customers are the conditions to occupy market and old customers help you consolidate market.Both of them are very important to you. What do they care about? Undoubtedly:The beauty and quality of 3D Mink Lashes. Choose us ,Lashesprda will bring you more and more customers


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   It is here Mink Lashes Supplier to shine your beauty.—Lashesprda


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