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False lashes you’ve already have it. You also need Lash Tweezers and Lash Glue and eyeliner pen so on .

In order to save customers’ time, We prepare some Lash Accessories for customers. Like Lash Tweezers, Lash Glue to help the selling of Mink Lashes. you can directly choose what style you like ?

Lash Glue Pen

For the Eyelashes Glue pen, we have two sizes: 5ml Lashes Glue and 10ml Lashes Glue.

And we have three colors for you to choose: White Lash Glue, Black Lash Glue, and Clear Lashes Glue.

Our lash glue pen is made of the most advanced technology and materials in the world, which is very safe and environmentally friendly. Besides, we have the quality inspection certificate, so you can safe to use it.

We test our glue thousands of times and confirm there is no adverse reaction before it is put on the market. MSDS is strong proof. Market feedback has been good for more than a decade, and there has never been any discomfort from users.

Of course, it is not excluded that there are people with special constitutions in the world who may be allergic to nature or sensitive to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to ask customers in advance whether they are allergic to glue when selling. Or at the time of sale, please indicate in the glue bottle: those who are allergic to glue or those with sensitive skin should use it with caution. This appropriate reminder is responsible for the customer and responsible for his own business.

Eyelash glue pen

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Wholesale faux lashes + Wholesale eyeliner glue pen+ Wholesale Eyelash glue best choose

We have many different style eyeliner glue pen , if you choose more style and please direct contact with us :

whatsapp:+86 176 6965 2217

Eyelash Tweezer

Eyelash Brush

Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Accessories FAQ

1. Can i put my logo on the eyelash tweezer and eyelash glue ?

Yes, you can put your logo. But my advice is not to be too complicated, you can see that there is limited space to place the logo, if it is too complicated, the logo will be unclear.

2.Do you have MOQ for the eyelash tools ?

Our eyelash tools no MOQ limit, you can order as your need .

3. Which express do you use ?

We use the fedex express

Eyelash Accessories Order And Contact

Every beauty, if you wanna place order for the eyelash tools . and please direct contact with us , let us contact more details . contact information below :

Official Website:www.onlycanaslash.com

Email: jessie@qdcannes.com

WhatsApp:+86 176 6965 2217

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