Why the eyelashes have a slight difference in each shipment

Why the eyelashes have a slight difference in each shipment? After receiving our goods, many customers like them very much, and sell them very well. They keep placing orders all the time. However, some customers don’t understand, and don’t know how to explain it to their clients. why the eyelashes have a slight difference in each shipment?

        eyelashes Slight difference -Raw material

Because the 3D mink lashes raw material is natural mink hair, Animal hair is a spiritual irregular thickness, diameter is not fixed, each pair of eyelash workers will be placed on each design point we require that the number of hair, but even so, because the hair thickness is different, some goods looks a little thin some looks a bit thick, but the original design is the same, the effect of wear is the same, so I hope the dealer’s customers to understand, also hope that you can explain to your customer well.

                Slight difference -Pure Handmade

Lashesprda 3D eyelash is 100% pure handmade, seemingly small pair of eyelash, workers should be handled after more than 20 working procedure, every procedure should be fine, every process affect the final effect of eyelash, our workers do their best to keep the error within the minimum range, However, handmade products have slight difference every time, because the raw materials are natural, and the products are handmade. Even if they are made by one person, they will not be exactly the same. This is also the charm of handmade products.

My dear customer’s judgment on 3D eyelashes ,See if the right and left eyes asymmetrical, not elegant in shape, and if uncomfortable to wear? Instead of trying to entangle whether each pair of eyelashes is different, if it is 100% same, it is a machine made product. Each pair of eyelashes is like a artwork. Because of the slight difference that it shows the different charms of eyelashes. We are pursuring advanced with eyelashes, a unique beauty. So this is a difference beauty.

Lashesprda’s designers have been constantly innovating, and the styles have been constantly updated. Click here to see the latest eyelash styles. I hope this article will solve your questions in time. The more knowledge you know , It’s also helpful for your lashes business, So girls if you have other questions, please feel free to consult me, my instagram: lashesprda_minklashes

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