Is the weight of eyelashes is important ?

Eyelashes weight is important?With the development of the beauty industry, eyelashes are becoming more and more popular. So there are a lot of different kinds of eyelashes, different prices, different qualities, different weights. A lot of people ask, is weight really that important when buying eyelashes? Yes, the weight of the eyelashes really important.

      Eyelashes weight is important – advantages

Now the high-end eyelashes are made of 100% handmade , and high-end raw materials. So this kind of eyelash weight is very light. These eyelashes are very natural and airy, without any sensation, just like our own lashes, The most important wear eyelashes is to look nice and comfortable. If the eyelashes are too heavy, they will be uncomfortable and inflexible, It will affect our work and life. This goes against the original intention of wearing eyelashes, what we want is comfort and beauty.

            The disadvantage of heavy eyelashes

In order to sell a lower price now, there are many low-end eyelash products on the market, some are half handmade, this weight is very heavy, some with some low-end material, this make eyelash is very heavy too, This kind of eyelash is very unnatural and mechanical, which seriously affects our work and life. We wear eyelashes to increase our score, to increase our attractiveness, and if these heavy eyelashes are not only uncomfortable, We wear them to pull down our scores. Because lashes tell about you .

As the saying goes, your eyes are windows, lashes are the curtains. This shows, eyelash is how important, wear eyelash the most important must be to comfortable, wear light weight eyelashes , Lashesprda still insist the quality first customer first, So our eyelashes have been constantly innovative, each eyelashes are made of high-end raw materials, 100% handmade, very natural and light, and deeply loved by professionals and cosmetic bloggers. We will design new products every month, and I believe you must find the one you like. Please click here for more styles, and I will constantly update and share our new styles with you. If you like my share, you can follow me on Instagram: lashesprda_minklashes, you will also have different surprises.

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