The Hottest 25mm False Eyelash In North America Of 2021

Since the creation of 25mm false eyelashes in 2018, the market has been very hot. So as the creator of 25mm eyelashes. Lashesprda as biggest eyelash manufacturers, eyelash factory , eyelash wholesaler. We continues to innovate, and finally we have created the latest 25mm eyelashes for 2021. These false mink lashes became the hottest product in North America. Let’s take a look the hottest 25mm false eyelash 2021 in North America.

Los Angeles style eyelash

Los Angeles style is a 25mm false mink lashes. It is deeply loved by European and American makeup bloggers and web celebrity. Different lengths of styles make you look beautiful in different ways. Super light, let you always have a dramatic emotion.

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Chicago style eyelash

Chicago series 25MM eyelash, let you have a different beauty, curling curvature and ultra-thin eyelash band. let you be full of charm at the same time very comfortable, enjoy the fun of life.

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Hottest 25mm false eyelash 2021-Lambaba 25mm eyelash

Lambaba 25mm eyelash is a thick style, flexible curls to add more character to your makeup. This eyelash is very popular in the United States, Canada, Mexico, for large eyes.

25mm false mink lashes

Toronto 25mm eyelash

Toronto 25mm eyelash is also most popular of 2021 . Fashion is not exaggerated style. It allows you to enjoy work and life every day. That’s the beauty of fake eyelashes mink. and that’s what we started with.

25mm false mink lashes

Lashesprda’s mink false lashes always leads the fashion. we not only produce falsies lashes. As eyelash manufacturers, we also produce eyelash packaging box . we can create your own eyelash packaging box. Also make eyelash accessories, like eyelash glue, eyeliner pen, eyelash tweezers and so on. All are wholesale price, help you start your eyelash business. This is the charm of eyelash factory too.

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