Beginner’s guide! Choose best eyelashes by your customer Eye shape ?

Do you know how to choose eyelashes for your customers? Many people start an eyelash business, but don’t know how to choose the right eyelashes for their customers, This is one of the most basic skills. Only just you are professional enough and you can win customers. Then make them satisfied.

    how to choose eyelashes for customers –   Ask customers about their needs

The first step is to ask customers what they need and what they like. This is very important .In this way, you can know the customer’s needs in more detail.If they like a bushy and long, then you can introduce 25mm and 28mm styles. Talk about the advantages of thicker eyelashes and the advantages of your eyelashes. Arouse the customer’s curiosity.

         According to customer shape to choose

 The second step is to choose the style according to the customer’s eye shape. This is very important . Because if you choose the right style and customer loves it, there’s already has 50% chance that the customer will buy it. So you must be very professional. let the customer see your professional, and the customer is suitable to wear which style. For example, if the client has long eyes, then you should choose a shorter eyelash length. That can modify the customer’s eye. To make the whole eye looks not too long. Wearing false eyelashes makes her feel more energetic and beauty. This will make the client trust you and choose you .

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