How to choose fake lashes in summer ? The most important thing you need  false eyelashes for summer makeup. I prefer color eyelashes in summer. Or natural volume style in summer. For those who are false lashes mad  the next thing on our mind is “What lashes will I wear?” well lash lovelies. this post is going to give you a best guide to the lashes you could be wearing this summer.


It doesn’t matter whether you are invited to the whole event or just the night party. You are going to need some summer chic false eyelashes , that have the right mixture of party and sophistication. Our lashes of choice for any posh summer social event is a wispy – and colored eyelashes they are our lash of choice. They are not only super light but also you can be the center of attention. And you’ll smell like summer if you wear it with colorful hair.

So Quees you can check our custom colorful mink lashes in the video. It is super gorgeous and we also can custom your own color as ur requirement. like blue eyelash and blonde eyelashes . gray eyelashes and green eyelashes . pink lash and purple eyelashes and red lashes . white eyelashes and ombre lashes .

How to choose fake lashes in summer – POOL PARTY?

Most of us can admit that when we get invited to a pool party, the last thing we intend to do is swim. It is just the perfect excuse to enjoy some sunshine and wear that awesome bikini and kimono outfit we put together even though we aren’t going on holiday.. The lashes Girl are loving for real mink lashes and waterproof eyelash glue.Even swimming real mink lashes also natural lifelike vivid. You can click here check more real mink lashes catalog.

How to choose fake lashes in summer -FOR VACATION

When going away for longer than a weekend. Long eyelashes are a must. You have to bring your beautiful eyelash packaging box, If not you won’t find it when you take it off. 25mm lashes and 28mm lashes is best choice , you can click here to check the style.

Fluffy 25mm mink lashes

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