How to clean eyelashes

Not only can you, but you absolutely should if you’re spending upwards of 20 bucks on a single pair. But before you reuse your lashes. You’ve gotta take the time to correctly remove them, clean them, and store them so that you can get the most use of them. Lasheaprda eyelashes vendor today will teach you how to clean eyelashes step by step.

Remove the glue.

Always start off by removing any excess glue that is still on the lash band. An easy way to do this is by grabbing a eyelash tweezer , and gently picking off any of the glue that may still be on the band, I grabbed my trusty Tweezerman Slant Tweezer , and meticulously pulled off dried lash glue from the lashes. It was so satisfying.

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Clean the lashes.

How to clean eyelashes ? If you’ve applied a little mascara to your lashes while you had your false lashes on. You need to use a clean spooley dipped in micellar water and slowly comb the lashes out. Micellar water will help break down the mascara. ensuring every last bit of it is removed from your falsies.

we also suggests coating a cotton swab with micellar water , And gently rubbing it against the lashes. making sure you see all the mascara and glue as it comes off.

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Dry them off.

When drying off your lashes. we stresses making sure you’re using the right towel. Always use a lintless towel or, in my case, I like to use a paper towel. When you’re drying, gently press down onto the lashes, but not too hard — you don’t want to mess up the shape of the lash. (Personally, I would not use cotton rounds because the material can pill off onto the lash, which can be super annoying to pick out)

we also suggests keeping the eyelash boxes. That your lashes were originally purchased in if you are planning to re-wear them. This ensures their cleanliness and allows them to keep their shape.

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