The Real Different Between the lashes?

Do you know the real different of the lashes ? Everyone has different eyelashes. for their face shapes and makeup. Now we are pursuitting the beauty is getting higher and higher. Make up is an essential thing we do everyday, eyelashes are also in control of the three-dimensional .sense of our entire makeup. So how many different types of eyelashes do you know?

Wand fake lashes

First, let’s talk about the real different of the new products. wand fake eyelash have two purposes. first is to meet the needs of vegetarians , second is to meet needs of the environmental market. It uses a new material-bamboo protein fiber. This is the real difference between it and mink. At the same time, It has the comfort of the mink lashes. and the gloss of the mink lashes. So it is the best choice for the religious and vegetarian people.

different of the wand fake lashes


Then Do you know difference for 25mm mink lashes ? it created in the Sep of 2018, by oscar the leader of mink lashes vendor. and still popular now . it reflects confidence and open and beauty. 25mm mink lashes created a public myth of eyelashes. This is the real different between the 25mm mink lashes with other mink lashes, because the series correctly meet the developing needs of the times . The Aesthetic taste of the masses. So it is a good choice for you , liking wear a lot of makeup and open.

different of 25mm mink lashes

Natural mink lashes

See here maybe some grils surprised . We like some natural mink lashes . So i will talking about you the natural mink eyelashes . Natural mink lashes real different is no that long with other mink lashes . Because some gilrs donot like the long mink lashes. So we can try some shorter 3D Mink lashes , like 13-16mm and 18-20mm , as your favorite style. Here are many different styles of the natural 3D MINK LASHES , So you can click here

So read this article, I hope all girls have a new understanding of the eyelash. Having a more comprehensive understanding for the eyelashes, I hope can help you how to choose your lashes, Later if have the latest fashion style of eyelashes, I will also share in time with you. so if love the eyelash’s girl can follow my instagram: lashesprda_minklashes

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