Lashesprda Weekend Column-Rihanna fulminate the officials?

Lashesprda  Weekend Column-Rihanna  fulminate the officials?   

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When it comes to rihanna, the first thing that most people think of is excellent singer. Yes! So far, Rihanna has sold more than 200 million albums worldwide and is one of the most sales volume artists. After the release of “Gengjiao”, Rihanna  has officially surpassed Michael Jackson and became the artist with the 4th champion single in the history of《Bulletin》. But she also has another identity: fashion designer, entrepreneur. Recently, she was named by Forbes: the world’s wealthiest female singer. From singer、lyricist、Actress, businessman, fashion designer to diplomat. How was she successful? The reason is that she has been breaking through herself.

  • Break through oneself

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  • The breakthrough of  Lashesprda

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lately, Alabama passed an anti-abortion bill.The case calls for a woman not to have an abortion during pregnancy unless there is a serious health risk, or even to have a removed fetus from a sexually assaulted. This incident caused a lot of female stars dissatisfaction. Rihanna simply hung up the 25 members of congress who voted yes: look at the idiots who make the decisions of these American women. She used her star power to debunk the ugly face of the group of women deprived of their reproductive rights in order to increase population.  In a word, To break through oneself is closely related to one’s success.




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