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Lashesprda is one of the Famous Magnetic Lash Vendor in the market, we design and produce too many famous magnetic lashes in the market.

we are the Vendor Of Lilly Lashes, if you want to buy Lilly Lashes magnetic lashes.

you can contact with us , we will supply the best magnetic faux mink lashes to you at a good wholesale price.

And today, we will share all the questions about the wholesale magnetic lashes and magnetic lash vendors for you.

You will become a professional beauty expert in the industry.

Where to buy Wholesale magnetic lashes?

If you are a professional lashes buyer. I suggest you buy the wholesale magnetic lashes from China,

There are too many famous Lashes Factory that supplies the best quality lashes to the market,

and too many Amazon Lashes Vendors are all buying lashes from China, and most of them are China Lashes Vendors.

So, if you can easily find a lashes vendor from Amazon, Google, but you can’t find a real wholesale lashes factory such as lashesprda eyelash venddors.

So if you want to order the real wholesale lashes, we will share free lashes factory list for you to help you make a good wholesale lashes order.

You can add Whatsapp. We will share the free lashes factory lists.

How much do the magnetic lashes cost?

 Different magnets have different prices. Usually, you can easily buy five magnets’ lashes from Amazon, or other Magnetic Lashes vendors.

because it is very easy to apply on the magnets and finish the production.

if you add more magnets, you will spend too much time and energy to produce the magnetic lashes.

Besides, if you add more magnets, the lashes can’t fall down easily,

so it is very safe to wear magnetic eyelashes, and you don’t need to worry about the magnetic lashes that can easily fall down.

So, the cheap wholesale magnetic lashes cost only from 1 USD to 2 USD, the more the cheaper if you find a lashes wholesaler.

If you order the magnetic lashes contain 12 magnets as the same as Lilly Lashes, that will need 2.5 USD to 4.5 USD according to your quantity.  

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12 magnetic lashes with liner wholesale magnetic lashes vendor

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