4 Quick Ways Make Your Eyelash Appear Longer

Everyone loves beauty and make up. The most important in makeup look is the eye . the eye is modified by the eyelashes. So Eyelash had very important effect in the makeup, for your own beauty. If you don’t know what to do to make your eyelashes longer, so let me teach you . There are 4 ways to make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker in an instant.

Appear longer ways- APPLY MASCARA

Many gilrs they like to use mascara everyday, this is a good choice. They have a variety of colors to make your make up pretty fun. It can quick to wear but it is not durable and smudges. And Frequent use can lead to inflammation, staph perfect sets for your needs.the life would be 2-3 weeks and price is higher than other. The most important is the eyelash extension is fragile easy to fall off .

the disadvantages of the apply mascara

Appear longer ways- EYELASH EXTENSION

Some gilrs they like use the eyelash extension. It can help choose the perfect sets for your need , the life would be 2-3 weeks and price is higher than others . The most important is the eyelash extension is fragile easy to fall off.

women making eyelash extension

Appear longer ways- EYELASH GROWTH SERUM        

Some gilrs like to use eyelash growth serum , it is natural beauty. But it is not permanent if you stop using and your eyelash will go back to the normal size .and also cannot change the style .

the effect of using eyelash growth serum

  Appear longer ways- WEAR FALSE EYELASH

Now more and more girl like to wear the false eyelash , the market super popular have 3D mink lashes, 25MM mink lashes , 3D Silk lashes . luxury mink lashes…With the development of the fashion trend, now false eyelash all made by 100% pure handmade , it is light weight and quick to wear. And have diverse style and rich variety. It can be matched according to our different makeup.let us have many choose ,it si easy to wear save our time everyday , the life can use 20-25 time. So now more and more girl choose the false lashes.

before and after wearing the mink lashes

Everyone has his own way to make your eyelashes , if it were you ,What would you prefer to do? Let’s talk about if have more some convenient, safe and healthy ways to make our eyelashes longer and thick? Welcome to leave your comment.

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New lashes style click below the picture

mink lashes style

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