Today we would like to introduce the lashesprda , meet lashesprda of lashes vendor.

Mark, please share your story with us. Why do you do lashes business?

When I was still in college. I accidentally found a makeup video of a beauty blogger. from video which I saw the magic of eyelashes. And eyelashes played a very important role in the whole makeup. Therefore, I became interested in eyelashes and started to engage in the eyelash business after graduation.

When I started my eyelash business, I found myself falling in love with this industry more and more. Not only it have a playful and varied look, but also it brings confidence, courage and beauty to people. which has become a necessity for who love beauty.I feel so proud to bring beauty to everyone.

Lashesprda means Everyone has eyelashes. It’s like having Prada.

Has it been a smooth road?

It definitely has not been a smooth road.when i start do eyelash business, i need to develop the market every day. Many customers will not accept you, but god does not live up to every effort. Because of high-end quality and best service, we moved every customer. let us become the world’s largest eyelash suppliers. We service customers in more than 200 countries and cities now. Many famous overseas eyelash sellers are almost all of our clients. It’s the quality of our eyelashes that makes us bigger and bigger.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?

For me, success is not about how big we are doing. And I think the biggest success is help our customers. let our customers lash business is bigger and richer.We have customers in more than 200 countries now. Many of them have achieved wealth because of our eyelashes.

Contact info:


~Instagram: lashesprda_minklashes


~Whatsapp: +86 176 6965 2217

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