Mink eyelash vendors tell you girls are not like former girls

Mink eyelash vendors tell you girls are not like former girls

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Two days ago, a children’s fashion show video went viral.There was no supermodel or child idol on the show, but many netizens couldn’t help but watch it several times. This show broke our traditional ideas about girls. Nowadays girls are becoming more and more confident. Just like what mink eyelash vendors bring to girls:charm、beauty、confidence.Below is a  children’s fashion show video.

  • How do they walk the show

1 The girl’s way of walking shows is to break the traditional concept of restraint on girls. Some girl took the racket and jumped, and some girl happily wore roller skating, turned circles, and some girl wore small skirts full of technology, and gleamed on the stage. Great!every girl is confident.
2 A foreign program group, find boys and girls of different ages, and do an experiment together: complete the action instructions you hear. The instructions are running like a girl. Regardless of gender, volunteers in their 20s, the first reaction was to tweak their hands and some jogged. They think that like a girl, it means being weak and artificial. But when the lens was given to the children of the 10-year-old group, the answers they gave were impressive. Between their gestures, they are about to break through the power of the screen. The beautiful adjectives of self-confidence and courage have nothing to do with gender. Only later, it became an invisible shackle for girls.
  • How can mink eyelash vendors bring confidence to girls

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