Mink eyelash vendors-The most popular eyelash box

Mink eyelash vendors-The most popular eyelash box

It is there Mink lash vendors USA to shine your beauty.—Lashesprda

There are many lashes packages on the market . Maybe you don’t know how to choose the best eyelashes boxes for your customers. As a Mink eyelash vendors.  Our design team is working on new  mink lashes and lashes box every day. Today,I would like to introduce the most popular eyelash box to you. Below is a video for your reference. For more styles,Please CLICK HERE.

  • Golden rose lashes box

Speaking of flowers, there are few women who don’t love them. America’s first ladies are no exception.Roses are the most popular flower at the White House. And many first ladies love roses. Sometimes in different colors.In China, we describe that girls are as beautiful as flowers. In order to meet the needs of women, Mink eyelash vendors specially design and develop a new eyelash box. Beautiful flowers are printed on the surface of the box by special process.The flowers on the lashes box are very realistic.

Lashes Box

  • Galaxy eyelash box

When I first saw this lash package, I immediately thought of the galaxy. Although it looked ordinary on the surface, when I actually got my hands on it. I noticed that the patterns printed on the boxes changed.The pattern is both like the waves of the sea and the dragon, which is very mysterious.

Eyelash Package

 Mink eyelash vendors:We offer eyelash packaging boxcustom eyelash box and private label eyelash box. Starting Your Eyelash Business With Private Label custom eyelash packaging box !

Mink eyelash vendors

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