Mink lash vendors wholesale-The best square lashes package

Mink lash vendors wholesaleThe best square lashes package

It is there Mink lash vendors USA to shine your beauty.—Lashesprda

 I introduced rectangle eyelash box Yesterday, what I recommend for everybody today is square eyelash box.
  • Red Eyelashes Box

The first square eyelashes box is made of red and yellow. Red represents passion and courage. Just like the American personality: bold and determined. That’s probably why red is one of the colors on the American flag. Yellow represents peace. And we mink lash vendors wholesale hopes that customers with this box can face life challenges bravely and overcome difficulties.  Lashesprda use unique star flash paper to produce the lashes package. Eyelash boxes made of this paper can shine brightly. When we put 25MM fluffy mink lashes in the box.They looks more beautiful .

Square Eyelashes Box

  • Pink Lashes Package

The second square lashes box is composed of pink and yellow. In recent years, Americans  especially pink things. Some famous singers will also wear pink clothes when attending the event. Even crazier is that an old lady in foreign countries spent more than 8 million buying pink things in 34 years.Why do girls like pink things? Pink represents a girl’s heart and will make your mood happy. So we have a special pink eyelash box for mink lashes strip. If you are not happy, wearing long mink lashes, and you’ll be happy again.The special paper we use for this eyelash box. Compared to plain paper, the special paper box is more upscale and tasteful.

Square Lashes Package

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Mink lash vendors wholesale

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