Why Our Mink Lashes So Popular?

Lashesprda mink lashes so popular , lashesprda is a branch of the Qingdao cannes cosmetics. We are the largest eyelash manfuctuer in the world. We still lead the trend for eyelashes. Now There is no denying that there are more and more eyelash factories, but why our minkes lashes super popular ? because we have the most professional design team, will launch new products every month. And we have the best raw materials. And we have the most professional marketing team to help each customer grow. We have fastest time of delivery and Professional tools.

 professional design team

We have the professional design team , Our design team launch new products every month. Each eyelash has to go through more than 20 processes, from raw material , high-tech processing, design, production, online, glue preparation, and finalization. Every process is exquisite workmanship to make sure every product is perfect. Once our eyelashes are introduced to the market, they will lead the trend of the fashion, because each of our eyelashes is so fashionable, natural, and elegant. High-end praise by the market, And detonated the market.


             Best raw material

Lashesprda mink lashes still use the best raw material , High-quality raw materials for eyelashes are scarce. We use the longest hairs on mink tails. The hair peaks are very long. There are no truncated or downturned hairs. There are very few in the market that fully meet our raw material requirements. In order to ensure the raw materials, Our raw materials will be screened a second time, to choose  raw materials that meet our requirements , because we firmly believe that only best raw materials can make high-quality eyelashes, such as those cheap eyelashes that use the short hair on the mink body, and many of the hair tips are broken. So because of our stable quality that we have won the countless customer’s trust.


           Professional market team

We also the professional market team that can help you grow your business. Our market team provide the most professional eyelashes knowledge for every customer .and we provide best service for every client too. So because of our professional, we have helped many customers to expand their eyelash business, and realize their wealth freedom and value.


           Professional eyelashes tools and fastest delivery

In order to help customers grow their eyelash business, we can also produce eyelash accessories, such as packaging boxes, glue, eyelash curlers, eyelash brushes, eyelash eyeliner pen etc, to achieve one-stop service for customers, and also can custom according to customer requirements.
We have huge stock of eyelashes, which can be shipped within 24 hours after customers place an order. We use the fastest and safest express company. to ensure the goods fastest and safest delivery of to the customer.


Nowadays, the price and quality of eyelashes in the market are uneven, but why our lashes so popular, because quality is the life of an enterprise, there is a saying that new customers always pursue price, and old customers always pursue quality, so if you wanna go for a long time, you must need the best quality, novel styles, perfect accessories and good service. if you wanna more info please direct click here. or follow my instagram:lashesprda_minklashes

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