How To Create Private Label For Your Eyelash Packaging Box ?

In order to expand the eyelash business. Some sellers of eyelashes they not only best mink lashes , best faux mink lashes. But also they care more about the private label eyelash packaging box. add different eyelash styles and unique private label eyelash packaging box, to meet different groups of people . This is what an eyelash seller must do. Different eyelash styles will have different eyelash names. Naming the eyelashes is a great idea! Similarly, when looking for DIY Lash Packaging, name different Individual Eyelashes according to different styles of Wholesale Mink Eyelash. This is a kind of detection and demand. Here are most popular private label for eyelash packaging box of 2021.

Use names are printed directly on the box

In the process of create your own eyelash packaging box, the logo needs to be printed on the Private Label Lash Packaging. Then the eyelash name can also be printed directly on the box. This way looks better! But the issues that need to be paid attention to are the following:

The minimum order quantity for each custom eyelash box is one hundred, so suppose you have five different lashes wholesale names. And you need to order five hundred by printing the Eyelash Private Label names directly on the box. So we have also prepared some customized eyelash boxes in stock. There is no limit to the quantity. Check below

Popular private label eyelash packaging box 2021- Make a name sticker and put it on the Private Label Lash Packaging

These stock custom eyelash packaging box can be directly print to your logo and personal label. You can customize a variety of different eyelash name stickers for only 30 dollars, and stick them directly on the eyelash box. You can choose the font, size, and color you like.

The most important thing is that this name sticker is made of metal, leaving no traces, and looks very good in texture. This is a great way for eyelash buyers with limited budgets and needs.

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