Why Should You Order Faux Lashes Before Spring Festival

Lashesprda the biggest eyelash manufacturers eyelash supplier , eyelash factory in china . We remind you to properly arrange your eyelash order plan before the Spring Festival holiday. Avoid the inconvenience caused by the Spring Festival holiday to your eyelash business. The Spring Festival holiday in 2021 will be from 2.9 to 2.18. During this period, shipping delivery will be suspended, only orders will be accepted. And shipments will be arranged after 2.19.

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In order to ensure the supply and fast delivery of Wholesale Bulk Eyelashes for customers. As an Eyelash Factory, Lashesprda wholesale false eyelashes,false mink lashes, faux lashes. full lashes , falsies lashes, vegan false lashes. We have a large stock of faux eyelash. Because most of the styles will be stocked in advance so that they can be shipped at any time. So eyelash orders before 2.9 can be purchased. and we will shipping within 24 hours.

  Why you need place the eyelash order before festival holiday?

All factories and shipping companies in China will be closed during the holiday. which will last more than 10 days. many eyelash sellers will be out of stock, affecting your business. So you need prepare eyelashes in bulk. To make money is to seize every opportunity. Others don’t have it. You have it. That’s opportunity. Also March is the faux eyelash peak season. When our holiday is over and you start to order. When you receive the goods it will be in March, you will miss the best time.These are our valuable experience as a professional eyelash factory, please trust us.

 Properly arrange eyelash order before Spring Festival-Customized eyelash box-production will start after the holiday

 Because the orders for boxes after the year are arranged one by one in the order in which the boxes are placed, orders placed before the year can give priority to production after the holiday.

The above is about the purchase and production of Lash Box Packaging orders and customized eyelash boxes during the Spring Festival. Arrange the eyelash purchase plan reasonably, if you have any other questions, you can contact our customer service staff, Ada. 

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 Finally, I really hope that because of faux lashes, every girl will become more and more beautiful and confident in the New Year.

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