Protection tips for your Mink Lashes

Do you know the protection tips for your Mink lashes? Lashesprda mink lashes belong to high-end luxury goods, Every mink hair is selected and using more than 20 high-tech processing, So we must protect it when we use it.

           Protection tips-remove the lashes way

Lashesprda every mink lashes use best raw material , Eyelashes are made by hand tying the hair on the eyeliner, but because the length of the mink hair ,we must be used another process.we have to glue the mink hair on the eyeliner, but the surface of animal hair is oily, the glue is difficult to penetrate , So our glues are all developed and patented by tony sun, a postdoctoral fellow in the United States. Our glue is healthy, odorless, soft and durable. Because the hair is glued, So you can’t hard tear the mink hair, also can’t rub the root of the mink hair. When removing, use tweezers to hold the excess eyeliner and gently remove it. Then cut out the extra part.

remove the lashes

            Protection tips- Use good glue remover

When removing the eyelashes, you must use the best glue removal. Gently wipe off the glue remaining at the root of the eyelashes. Do not rub or tear with force. Then put it on the original eyelash holder, keeping the eyeliner soft and curved. If you can’t find a good glue, we sell it too. Click here to see More glue

lashes glue

Dear girls, Have you learned how to protect these eyelashes? We must protect valuable things in order to extend their service life, They bring us self-confidence and beauty, so we must learn to protect them . At the same time it Can reflect their value. I hope the knowledge is useful for you that i shared today , If you have any questions or don’t understand, please follow my Instagram lashesprda_minklashes and directly contact on my whatsapp: +8617669652217 , and I will teach you one by one.

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