Real mink lashes VS False mink lashes

Do you really know the real mink lashes and false mink lashes ?With the growing popularity of eyelashes, there are now more and more eyelashes on the market. There are also more and more different materials for eyelashes, There are many sellers who claim that their lashes are real mink lashes. And they sold at below-market prices. But the real material is not mink lashes , As the saying goes, there is no such thing as pie in the sky. It is a constant truth that you get what you pay for. So do you really know real mink lashes with false mink lashes?

             Real mink lashes

Real mink lashes are more popular, More and more consumers like it,Real mink lashes have a long service life,It can be reused for 25-30 times. These are high-quality mink lashes, and of course these lashes price is not cheap.Real mink eyelashes, they have a glossy surface, natural and realistic, fine workmanship, set and elegant natural, when wearing very comfortable. Moreover, after washing and drying, the curvature would not change.

These real mink eyelashes are made purely by hand, and use high-end raw materials, so the price is not cheap. However, there are also many cheap mink eyelashes on the market now. These eyelashes are made of low-end raw materials,  It doesn’t last very long, and it’s dull when you wear it . So it’s always the price that determines the quality. Eyelashes as the soul of our eyes, when we wear must use good quality, If not we donot wear it .

real mink lashes

                False mink lashes

There are more and more fake mink lashes on the market now. The price is very cheap , False eyelashes look very veneer, and there is no sense of layering, false mink eyelash eyelash eyeliner is too hard, it is easy to blink after wearing, and unnatural, it is difficult to work and enjoy life when you wear it . But now we have developed some silk Lashes and Wand Lashes, which are very similar with mink lashes, it is also have luster and comfortable to wear. If you want to know more, please click here. When it is introduced to the market, it is loved by many consumers.

false mink lashes

  So when we choice the lashes , we need to choose most suitable.  Choose the best within everyone’s economic range. Because go pretty go lashes. Finally, if you like the article I shared, you can follow my Instagram: lashesprda_minklashes

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