Are silk lashes cruelty free?

False eyelashes have many different materials. Like Mink lashes and silk lashes and newest material wand lashes .Many people react to the sight of false mink eyelashes. They think it’s animal abuse. And some gilrs also wondered Are silk lashes cruelty free? I can tell you with absolute certainty that it is yes silk lashs cruelty free ! Lashesprda mink lashes also cruelty free. Lashesprda is a member of the Animal Protection Association. Our mink eyelashes are made from natural hair shed by mink.

Silk lashs are cruelty free.

Silk lashes are great because they have similar fibers as actual mink fur.  In fact, some silk, like Korean silk, are so close to the feel and look of mink that you can hardly tell them apart.  Korean silk is constructed of ultra-fine fibers, making them the closest relative of actual mink fur available.  That means you get the great, fringe like look of a set of mink lashes, without the price tag or animal cruelty.  You can wear your lashes with a clear conscience.

Silk lashes are also extremely comfortable to wear.  A great pair of false lashes will always have a cotton band that feels completely weightless on your lash line, so you basically forget they are there. They have the ability to give drama and natural elegance to the eye without the use of heavy eye makeup.  In fact, once you begin wearing false lashes, you can basically throw away thatgoopy mascara; you simply won’t need it.

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 Silk lashes are also available in numerous style options. Are silk lashes cruelty free?yes Because silk is a synthetic fiber, it can be styled prior to being placed on the lash band. So now you don’t have to worry about it at all. Silk lashes are cruelty free 100%. In 2021, Lashesprda launched a vegan false eyelash with updated materials, which are more natural and comfortable than silk lashes.

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