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2021 Faux mink lashes super popular. Now many girls love wear faux mink and vegan lashes. Today let me show you USA EU UAE best selling vegan eyelashes from lashesprda . before let me introduce let us learn what are the faux mink eyelashes and vegan eyelashes.

What are Vegan Faux Mink Lashes

Vegan Faux Mink Lashes are not Mink Eyelashes . They are faux eyelashes. the Vagan Faux Mink Eyelashes are designed for vegan girls . They fluffy and light and wispy like mink lashes. most important the price cheaper than mink eyelashes.

Lashesprda Faux Lashes Factory is appealing to everyone to advocate for nature and the pursuit of green. Lead by example. While strengthening the “green” awareness of corporate employees, actively guide our Eyelashes Consumers to choose “green, vegetarian” consumption. Always launch eco-friendly vegan eyelashes.

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How to made faux mink lashes

 Fake Mink Lashes invent by lashesprda Factory are developed from high-quality, high-concentration bamboo protein fibers. They are a new type of vegan false eyelashes. Because it is purely plant-derived, beauty-conscious girls who value vegetarianism can wear it with confidence.

In order to show the Real Natural Eyelashes, lashesprda always insists on 100% handmade Lashes, and the workers arrange each vegetarian hair carefully. Each pair of Eye Lashes has been processed for 7 days and 23 work processes. It is a real handmade false lashes. Making each pair of Faux Lashes rich Soul, create beauty with your heart.

Here are USA EU UAE Best selling faux mink lashes catalog

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So guys if you are looking for wholesale best vegan eyelashes vendor, please feel free to contact lashesprda factory official WhatsApp below .


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