what are faux mink lashes?

There are more and more kinds of false eyelashes, which makes many people have doubts on the choice of false lashes. Should i choose real mink lashes or 3d faux mink lashes ? and what is faux mink ? Donot worry lashesprda eyelash factory will tell me how to choice ?

best faux mink lashes

Real Mink vs Faux Mink Lashes– What is the faux mink?

Ever wonder about the difference between real mink lashes and faux mink lashes? First of all, just to be clear here, whether it’s real mink lashes or faux mink lashes , they are all cruelty free. The biggest difference between the two is mainly the raw materials. Real mink lashes use siberian mink. Faux mink lashes use Synthetic fiber.Lashesprda mink lashes all use natural shedding siberian mink, cruelty free you can safe to order. Here is the catalog for siberian mink lashes wholesale. You can check it .

How natural do you want your lashes to look?

If the most natural of lashes is what you desire, then real mink lashes is your best friend! Made from hair taken from a mink’s tail, these false eyelashes are light and fluffy. They also have a glossy shine, giving you a natural and alluring look!

Do you want to curl your lashes at home?

Real mink lashes can also require more maintenance. To keep your real mink lashes in their best condition, you’ll need to periodically curl them. If you are looking for a low maintenance routine, using faux mink lashes might be the simplest choice! here catalog show more faux mink lashes.

How sensitive are your eyes?

If your eyes tend to be more sensitive, then you might find real mink lashes to be the best option for you! Real mink is usually more comfortable than its faux alternative and tends to feel lighter on your eyes.

How much are you willing to spend?

Real mink lashes price little higher than faux mink lashes, but they also tend to last longer. If you are looking to only wear false eyelashes now and again, then you may want to buy less expensive faux mink lashes. However, if false lashes are a frequent part of your beauty routine, then investing in real mink lashes might work best for you! If you’re a vegetarian, of course faux mink lashes best for you .

Whether you favor real mink or faux mink, we hope you feel lovely and luxe giving your eyes the attention they deserve. See how gorgeous you can be wearing lashesprda eyelash.

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