Where To Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes

Mink lashes, as the raw tools for eyelash makeup. More and more girls would love to buy mink eyelashes to make amazing and professional eye makeup. According to Google data, more and more people start the mink Lash business line. And this is a good opportunity to earn money through the website in 2022.

Such as Lilly Lashes, they do a good job in this beauty industry.

miami 3d mink lashes vendors wholesale

And lashesprda eyelashes, as one of the top three Lash Vendors. We helped many girls and companies purchase Cheap Wholesale Mink Lashes at a competitive wholesale price.

our luxury mink eyelash are very popular in the USA. all the lashes are the best style, and all in stock.

How many kinds of mink lashes do you have?

we have more than 300 popular styles in stock, and we design and produce too many style lashes for our customers. have 3d mink lashes , natural mink lashes and 3d faux mink lashes. 25mm mink lashes. magnetic eyelashes .

There are mainly three style mink lashes in the market according to the length of the mink fur.

First, Natural Mink Lashes

This style of lashes is usually 12 to 18mm long, and they are short, so you can call them Short Mink Lash instead.

If your customers want to make natural eyelash makeup. they will choose Natural Mink Lash to be the first choice.

Second, 20MM-22mm Mink eyelash

20mm mink eyelash is 20mm long from the bottom of the mink fur to the top.

They are the styles between natural mink lashes and long dramatic lashes. Some girls just want their lashes a little bit narual and dramatic, so they will choose 20MM-22MM Mink to lash.

Third, Dramatic 25MM 28MM Mink eyelashes

We usually called this style lashes 25MM Mink Lash. Because the length of the mink fur is 25MM long.

25MM lashes are very hot in the USA now, and young girls love them very much, they are amazing and gorgeous, fluffy, and soft. Most of our customers only order this long 25MM dramatic lashes styles, and they catch the opportunity to open the market. Click lashesprda official whatsapp now .

You have two ways to make a perfect order:

First, if you have a limited budget, lashesprda advice you can try $150-$200 order . we will match market best sell lashes for you .And will help you open eyelash market quickly than you .

Second if you have a big budget, we suggest you need order each style of mink lashes. Different customers have different tastes. So that you can harvest more customers, Lash business will be better.


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