Which is better glue or magnetic eyelashes?

Thankfully, there seems to be a never-ending supply of choices these days; it seems like anything you could possibly want is just a click away.  Fantastic eyelashes are no exception.  Say good-bye to your mascara tubes.  You can finally stop wasting money on what you hope will be that miracle mascara you’ve been searching for.  False eyelashes are readily available and affordable.  What it might end up coming down to is this: Do you want to go through the strip eyelashes or do you want to wear magnetic lashes. Which is better glue or magnetic eyelashes ?  Let’s go over these two products to help you decide.  


The liner itself comes in two colors, black or brown

There are a variety of accessories available to help with the application and removal processes.  

It may take a few practice tries before you get the placement process down perfectly

They could cause you to lose your existing lashes

magnetic eyelashes


●  An affordable yet elegant way to show off your beautiful eyes.

All ingredients have been deemed safe by the EWG (Environmental Working Group)

you can do them yourself at home, Easy to apply it

They can can be reused 25-35 times on how well you take care of them

You can choose from synthetic lashes, human hair, and mink lashes and faux mink lashes

   you can change many style anytime anywhere

natural faux mink lashes

How you wear magnetic lashes is by applying the magnetic eyeliner, waiting for it to dry and then attaching the lashes to the magnetic strip.  They snap together and stay put for the rest of the day.  They can be removed at the end of the day by gently peeling them off and placing them in their eyelash packaging box.  It’s always a good idea to clean them every night, removing any bits of makeup or sweat to ensure they will last as long as possible. if you have any questions guys you can email our customer service : ada@beauty-imexport.com

The glue on lashes is very easy . when you apply use the right way then you will easy to remove it. Then you can put on a eyelash cases to keep the clean and good shape. That is why now girls more and more like the strip  eyelashes . So guys if you have any questions and you can direct whatsapp:+86 176 6965 2217 contact with us .

So as we can see the individual eyelashes have even more advantages. So now more and more girl love to apply it . you can choose the different color eyelashes and different length and style . it is more natural and fluffy. Lashesprda as the biggest lash vendors we design new style every month . you can click here to check.

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