Why choose the lashesprda lashes ?

Why choose the lashesprda lashes ? We made a lot of changes to keep our lashes beauty and comfortable.From the volume treatment and the use of glue. We’ve all made some advanced changes.

   Eyelashes Finalize the design process

Thinking back, do you remember if the eyelashes you bought had a chemical smell? This is nitric acid for perming. Many supplier on the market use perm nitric acid to treat eyelash curl. We all know that eyelashes touch with our skin. If our skin touch with chemicals for a long time, our eyes will experience intense discomfort. The damage to the eyes and skin is huge. But our curl treatment is the heat treatment of physical properties. No chemical treatment, no odor, no adverse effects on the eyes. We can confidently say that we are the only one in the world with such technology, this is also our core competitiveness.We all have environmental certificates.

making lashes process

why choose lashesprda lashes-Eyeliner glue

Our eyeliner glue is also a big change. Our eyeliner glue is soft and durable. Market feedback has been good for more than a decade, and there has never been any discomfort from users. Our glue is soft and durable, When used, its best to ensure that the hair does not fall out easily, More natural bending, easy for customers to wear. There are a lot of eyelash glues on the market now. After being placed for a long time, the glue becomes hard and breaks easily. After being removed, it cannot be naturally curved, making it difficult to wear.

The shape of our products will not change even after you swim or soak and dry naturally. And a lot of eyelashes on market meet water to be out of shape easily. The most important thing of eyelashes is natural and beauty, the product is natural environmental protection, and it is also our responsibility to care for small animals. Wearing our eyelashes will bring you confidence and beauty, and bring you close contact with nature. This is our latest design of eyelashes, if you like can click here, choose us is choose beauty. If you want to know more about the products and styles, you can also follow my Instagram: lashesprda_minklashes

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