Why constantly design new styles?

New product

Many customers will see that our eyelash products will have New product every once in a while. Even eyelashes of the same model will change over time. Why? Today I’ll tell you why we design new styles.

Follow the fashion trend

First of all, people’s standards for beauty are constantly changing. Every time, we will update our eyelash products according to the fashion trend. We will design the latest eyelashes according to the trend of market demand to adapt to the development. In this way, we can guarantee the novelty of our products.

Customer demand feedback

Secondly, we have a good cooperative relationship with eyelash retailers. Our eyelash suppliers will modify our eyelashes according to their customers’ needs, constantly adjust the eye shape of people in Europe and the United States, so that our eyelashes are more suitable for their eyes and face shape. To provide customers with the most satisfactory eyelash products.

Lashesproda’s goal

Third, the material aspect. We have been making breakthroughs. In order to adapt to the slogan of today’s development, we try our best to use healthier production methods and healthier raw materials. On the one hand, we are making breakthroughs and innovations. On the other hand, we’re also offering vegetarians the eyelashes they want.

Our company is constantly innovating to meet the needs of customers. In particular, in order to satisfy vegetarians who want to wear fake natural eyelashes (non animal eyelashes), we have launched a new product DW eyelashes! ——-Wand Fake Lashes

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In addition to these, we have other eyelashes, some 3D mink eyelashes, velvet eyelashes, and we also support eyelash accessories and eyelash packaging boxes, please order from me.

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