Why is the fake eyelash business so popular ?

Why is the fake eyelash business so popular ? 2020 has been a different one. The sudden novel Coronavirus left us bewildered. Our constant fight against with the virus. Many people’s lives have changed. And many people lost their jobs.But as a Chinese saying goes, where there is a crisis, there is a business opportunity.

Why fake eyelash business popular ?-The Importance of Eyelashes

Eyelashes are also a luxury item, Is an essential part of makeup. Almost every woman needs one. It can not only beautify our eyes, but also enhance the level of the whole makeup. So it is so popular by the ladies. And secondly Because novel Coronavirus, It also created an opportunity for many eyelash sellers. Because the eyelash business is not affected by financially. It is not influenced by national policies. Belong to the lipstick economy.

Lipstick economy, originated from overseas description of some customers, when the economic downturn, people will buy cheap goods. Although Lipstick isn‘t a necessity of life, lipstick has the function of cheapness and gloss, which can bring comfort to customers. So many sellers took advantage of this, and quickly boosted their sales and realized their wealth.

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