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3D mink lashes collection is designed for anyone who wants beautiful-looking lashes. A day lash and a minimalist look. Each mink lash is designed with a ultra thin soft cotton band and Siberia mink lashes for a light and wispy look. These 13-16mm mink lashe have noticeable and pretty features while still looking attractive for an effortless lash look.And they are super comfortable and light.

Providing convenience and freedom for people who love beauty has always been a combination of lashesprda, we are also willing to see our customers buy eyelashes through us and sell them to the world, and we are very pleased to see the feedback effect that customers give us. There is no experience at first, and now we can design unique eyelashes for Europeans and Americans with different characteristics and get recognition from customers. This is our happiest. At that moment, we feel that our efforts have paid off, and we will also put the needs of our customers first, and continue to provide our customers with the best services for the best eyelashes.

13-16mm eyelashes are the most suitable eyelashes for daily use, because they are naturally fluffy and can adapt to the eyes and faces of most people in Europe and the United States, and are also suitable for most occasions, whether you are going to work, travel or To attend the ball, 13-16mm eyelashes can give you the most comfortable experience.

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Not only do we have 13-16mm eyelashes,

we also have 20mm eyelashes 25mm eyelashes.

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Why our 13-16mm Mink Lahses eyelashes are so popular

Our eyelashes are fluffy and natural, they are all made of 100% mink hair, and our designers are people who have too many years of experience in life and work abroad. The eyelash designer of lashesprda knows clearly the eyelashes How important it is for people in Europe and the United States, so when designing eyelashes, every eyelash, every detail of eyelashes is the result of careful design. We guarantee that most people will fit our eyelashes. The same is true. We The eyelashes were sold out as soon as they were listed, and the customer feedback we received was praised for our eyelashes, and our eyelashes created huge profits for them. Our customers have basically become our most loyal partners after one purchase.

We also hope that our 13-16mm eyelashes can bring good results to customers, which is also the purpose of lashesprda.

All for customers, for all customers.

13-16mm EyelashesPackaging Box

In addition to being a supplier of high-end eyelashes, we also provide customers with eyelashes boxes. Our eyelashes boxes are also a major selling point of our products. Good eyelashes boxes can add value to eyelashes, and good-looking eyelashes boxes can increase customers’ desire to buy. We can customize the shape and color of the eyelash box for customers according to their needs, and can also print your own logo

Here are some of our box catalogs, if you want to learn more, you can click here.

How to order Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

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