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Then most popular  25mm mink lashes , it created in the sep of 2018 by oscar the leader of mink lashes vendor and still popular now . it reflects confidence and open and beauty. 25mm mink lashes created a public myth of eyelashes, because the series correctly meet the developing needs of the times and the Aesthetic taste of the masses. So this is a good choice for you like wear a lot of makeup and open.
At this year’s Academy Awards, pixar’s chinese-inspired animated short film 《Bao》 won the best animated short film award. It’s a story about family and motherhood. Mother wants the best for her child. 25mm lashes vendor:We always insist on giving our customers the best lashes and empty lash boxes.  Below is trailer for you to enjoy.

  • The plot of  the 《Bao》

One day, The mother was busy making stuffed buns in the kitchen. Her husband quickly finished eating the stuffed bun and went to work. And left  her alone at home. When she ate the stuffed bun, she suddenly found that the stuffed bun became a little boy.The mother likes the baby very much and feeds it like a child.Measure it and bathe it.Take it with her all the time and buy it favorite bread.The mother takes good care of the baby and gives her the best.

  • The best mink lashes cruel for you

From the selecting material, production, delivery.We follow the procedure strictly.Just to give you the best mink lashes 3d
1 The material we chose is Siberian mink hair, giving you the most natural beauty.

Raw Materail

2 Our mink lashes bulk are pure hand-made.Our workers put on hair one by one.So they are comfortably wear.

Hand-made mink lashes

3 After production is completed,Our workers have to check mink lashes. Because Lashesprda wants to give their customers the best lashes. After checking, Our staff will pack the lashes and arrange delivery.Below is a video of  shipping goods.

   before shipping all lashes need to be checking