25MM mink lashes-Focus on your 5D mink lashes

25MM mink lashes-Focus on your 5D mink lashes

It is there 25MM lashes vendor to shine your beauty.—Lashesprda

I talked about positioning your eyelash business in yesterday’s blog. With our 10 years experience in eyelash industry, only high quality mink lashes 3d can be based in today’s market. Today we are going to discuss how to better develop the eyelash business.
  • Focus on your positioning:25MM mink lashes

25MM lashes are so popular in the us market. Let’s say you’re targeting high-end 25MM lashes .Please concentrate on doing high quality eyelash business.The famous marketing book 《positioning:The battle for the mind》from USA has a section of content that impresses me very much.According to the book, the mainstream business philosophy of American enterprises is called mode A, while that of Japanese enterprises is called mode J. The most striking feature of mode A is focus, narrow and deep. The J model is broad and shallow.Compare the long-term profitability of two typical enterprises.The profit of mode A is on the rise, while that of mode J is on the decline. Here are our hot sellings for 25MM mink lashes


  • 25MM mink lashes:Win the and minds of consumers

We now belong to the age of information explosion. Because of the rapid development of the Internet, consumers receive a lot of information everyday. But how much do they remember?The average person can only remember three brands under the same product. To be remembered by your customers, you need to have a unique slogan.Take the 25MM eyelash as an example: the world’s first 25MM lash.

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