The Biggest Misunderstanding About Eyelash Purchase

Are there high-quality and cheap sable false eyelashes in the world? No. Good products are expensive.

There are no good and cheap sable false eyelashes in the world.
There are three reasons:
First, high-quality false eyelashes are scarce
We used the longest hairs on the mink’s tail. The hair peaks are all long, and the hair peaks are not cut off or inverted. In the market, there are very few suppliers of mink hair raw materials that fully meet our requirements.
In order to ensure our stable supply of raw materials, we will buy back the highest quality mink hair raw materials on the market for a second selection, and select the wool that meets the requirements of our product production, which means that about XX% of the raw materials are discarded. This makes our raw material expenditure XX% higher than the industry.
Our suppliers often ask us to regret it? This choice of raw materials is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Is it really worth it? Regret it? We do not regret it, we will always insist on doing so. Because we firmly believe that only selecting the highest quality mink hair from the beginning of the raw materials can allow customers to enjoy the best elaborate experience.
The other cheap low-end ones are the short hairs of the mink’s body, and many of the hair tips are broken, and some hair follicles and hair tips are mixed together and look very unnatural.

Second, the rigorous production process of false eyelashes takes time
The production of false eyelashes is a process that needs to follow many technical specifications. The eyelash suppliers of typical suppliers are all chemically treated to make the eyelashes further warped, which is also called perm thioglycolic acid and phenylenediamine for styling treatment. This treatment process can be used for batch styling very quickly eyelash. You permed your hair, do you remember the smell? That’s right, what a sour taste! If you think about it carefully again, is there any chemical smell in your eyelashes? The eyelashes we use are in close contact with the skin. If our skin has been in contact with the chemical for a long time, you should know what will happen. This is very terrible!

However, the curling of our eyelashes is achieved by physical heat treatment, without any chemical treatment, and by precise temperature control, and our eyelashes do not have any odor. We can confidently say that only our family has this in the world. Technology, this technology is also our core competitiveness, we all have environmental certificates.

Third, there are very few eyelash designers who can do original design
Our designer is OSCAR. With the pictures of OSCAR, there are no more than two domestic eyelash designers. OSCAR is one of them. Why can’t every eyelash factory be equipped with an exclusive eyelash designer?

Only experienced suppliers have the ability to transform the eyelash designer’s design draft into production process drawings. Only the most experienced craftsmen can implement the designer’s design concept without any deviation in the actual eyelashes. Works.

Only the powerful suppliers have the time and funds to set up a special product design R&D department to develop new eyelashes, launch the market in time, and seize the market for customers.
Third, only suppliers with a large number of old customer groups can collect so much customer feedback, and designers can accurately grasp customer needs, keep up with fashion trends, and make the new styles launched in each issue hot.

Fourth, the work of craftsmen should be respected
We believe that every worker is a craftsman, we cherish every piece of their work, and their work should be respected. We provide them with a working environment that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, creating a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere, and giving a generous and stable remuneration. Every day I can see the smiles on their faces and hear their hearty laughs. We believe that this happiness and happiness will be integrated into their works and will be brought to everyone who wears our eyelashes.

Are there high-quality and cheap sable false eyelashes in the world? No. Good products are expensive.
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