Lashesprda is the world’s Top Mink Lashes Vendor, We not only produce high-end eyelashes but also custom different eyelashes packaging . With the design of different types of eyelashes, customers have higher requirements on the packaging , and also they wanna the packaging reflect high-grade and beauty. We have a large stock of sample boxes, we can provide sample packaging for customers, also can provide custom eyelashes packaging .

              Square Eyelash PACKAING

This is a kind of common square eyelash packaging box, you can choose clamshell eyelashes packing or drawer eyelashes packaing, we also can according to the customer’s requirements to print your LOGO.

square box

                Window eyelashes packaging

Window eyelash packaging we can see the eyelashes directly inside the window box, It usually have rectangular and square packaging, some can see all the lashes inside, some only see part of lashes, and we can also custom according to customer’s shape.

window box

                  Round eyelash packaging

Round Eyelash Packaging, we have three materials: plastic, metal, and paper. You can choose according to your favorite materials.

round box

                       Diamond eyelashes packaging

Diamond-shaped allowing you to see love and beauty. For the Diamond Eyelash Case Box, you can put your logo to show your love . You can choose the paper box or the diamond Glitter Eyelash Packaging.

diamond box

                     Custom Other eyelash packaging

In addition, we also make some holiday style, colorful packaging boxes, and we can also custom the patterns and shapes according to customers’ requirements.

colorful window square box
colorful square box
halloween box

 So see these packaging do you like it ? it’s just part of the packaging, and if you didn’t find your favorite box here ,you can click here it shows more different style eyelash packaging, the appearance is really important if we wanna let our eyelashes business to grow, Not just have good quality also need to have a beautiful shell to attract people.

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