Hexagonal laser eyelash box-Customized your own lash box

Hexagonal laser eyelash box-Customized your own lash box

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With the increasing popularity of false eyelashes, many merchant are customizing their own eyelashes boxes and printing unique logo on it. So as to improve the brand influence.Today,I would like to introduce my favorite one to you :Hexagonal eyelash box.  It is very beautiful and deluxe
  • the shape of eyelashes box

1、Speaking of the shape,Rectangular, round 、square and diamond eyelash boxes are very common on the market.So when I first met Hexagonal eyelash box,  I was deeply attracted. I believe that it’s going to be hot style. As you can see below : Hexagonal laser eyelash box are very showy

2、Hexagonal eyelash boxes are small and exquisite.So they are very easy to carry.wherever you go,you can just put it in your handbag. When you take it out,it is so shiny that everyone would talk about it. You also can give your friends as a gift.
  • The function of Hexagonal laser eyelash box

1、Even though it looks small,from 10-16mm mink lashes to 20mm mink eyelashes.it can hold them.
2、There are two places where you can put your logo in.One is the lashes box,the other is bottom tray.If you want your logo hot-stamped,I suggest you could put logo on the box. This can highlight your logo.If you want logo stickers,You can put logo on the bottom tray.The price is different,If you have sufficient fund,you could choose hot-stamping.If you just start eyelashes business,Choosing logo stickers can save you a lot of money.

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