Eyelash Sample Pack

How do you run your lashes business quickly ? -eyelash sample pack is best chocie !

Why Suggest You Do Eyelash Sample Pack ?

It is a very good choice for people who just want to make eyelashes business. You can get the best eyelashes with the least money. It not only save time but also save money. let you have a new understanding of high quality eyelashes.

So don’t know how to choose? Below we carefully prepare the best-selling sample pack styles for you. All of them are free shipping. You can receive a lot of high-end eyelashes just Dozens of dollars. You can start your eyelash business!!!

1. Sample pack 1 and sample pack 2. each style 2 pairs eyelashes , so total 10 pairs , just 69.9 dollar free shipping! you are worth a try . (these style are Faux Mink Lashes)

2. Mink lashes sample pack 1: 3D mink lashes each style 2 pairs total 10 pairs just 88.5 dollar. 2: 6D DM style each style 2 pairs total 10 dollar just 88.5 dollar . 3; 3D Choose 1 style and DM choose 1 style , each style 5 pairs total 10 pairs too. all free shipping!

1. Choose 5 pairs of 1 style 6D DB series and 5 pairs of 1 style 3D series toal 10 pairs free shippping .


free lash packaging box

It’s a great opportunity to start your eyelash business for less than $100. It’s worth it and you’ll thank yourself for that decision in the future. if you wanna check more style , and click here to check more style .

And How To Order The Sample Pack? See Below Video

Eyelash Sample Pack FAQ

Q: Sample Pack do they come in base ?

A: yes , we have free lash case and also have many different style of custom lash box in stock ,

Q: Which country is free shipping ?

A: The above prices are exclusive to USA, Canada, Mexico and North America only, Other regions need to contact us

Terms Of Payment

Payment process can be carried out by customers such as PayPal, Alibaba

Western Union, and MoneyGram. But these methods are the best way to keep your money safe.

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