Can false lashes will damage eyelash ?

Can false lashes will damage eyelash? False eyelash becomes the daily necessities of our life now, more and more popular, Some person worry false eyelash if damage our eyelash?

False lashes will damage eyelash -Production process

Before false eyelashes came out, grafting was very popular, because it more natural than Chemical fiber eyelash, But with the speeding pace of life, time is the biggest cost, Grafting eyelash need at least 1 to 2 hours, time cost is too high. And with the body’s metabolism, It’s very easy to have an eye asymmetry for a long time. Then Affect your makeup. Grafting eyelash is stick a single eyelash on your eyelashes. So a long time will cause their eyelashes inverted growth or downward growth. It hurts when you touch your eyes.

False eyelashes are different, 3D false eyelashes are 100% handmade , It’s so light that you don’t feel anything when you wear it, and you can pick it up at anytime. And it can change any style anytime, It doesn’t any damage to your eyelashes. So false eyelashes are becoming more and more popular.

3D false lash without damage to our eyelash. And the charm of its manufacturing, and the design of novel. Has been loved by more and more celebrities and beauty bloggers. Lashesprda as the world’s largest lash factory. we have our own design team, design new products every month, from raw materials to production. we guarantee that each eyelash is perfect. So our lashes are in short supply, We have designed lots of new lash style recently, if you like, you can click here. Our eyelash clients are all over the world. I hope our eyelashes can bring beauty and confidence to everyone. If you also like eyelashes and wanna start lash business, welcome to join us click whatsapp:+8617669652217 . we will help you grow and realize your value in life.

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