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Festival 5D Mink Hair Extra Long Eyelashes , What is a Festival EyeLashes ?

Nowadays, people in the world pursue excitement, happiness and novelty.

Everyone is attending more and more parties and parties. Catwalks, steps, and red carpets have entered the lives of ordinary people.

There are also more and more festivals, such as Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival…

On the stage, beauty-loving ladies prefer exaggerated makeup to attract. They prefer to highlight their charming eyes to increase their attention. Women also increasingly want to show their own uniqueness through the make-up makeup.

Out of consideration for customers, we have specially designed some eye hair for festivals. According to different customers, we have also designed festival 3D False mink lashes with different lengths. like 20mm lashes . 22mm lashes . 25mm lashes wholesale .28mm full lashes for your choice.

28MM Long 5D Festival Mink Eyelashes

5D Festival Mink Eyelashes Packaging Box

Our eyelash packaging box is not only these, these are just a few samples. We also provide customized services, you can customize the eyelash box according to your ideas. if you wanna more box style please check here


How long can the Festival Mink Eyelashes wholesale be used?

Our eyelashes can be used 25-30 times if you use it in a gentler way. This is guaranteed, but according to the eyelash merchants who have worked with us for many years, some eyelashes can even be used 50 times or more, so you As long as you follow the process and use it gently, it can accompany you for a long time.

Can it be wholesale?

Yes we do wholesale ,We are top quality Siberian mink fur wholesale eyelash extensions vendors. eyelashes wholesale.

However, many and many in the market have sent inferior quality eyelashes instead of “quality mink lashes”.

They use our photos to advertise or order samples from our factory, and then send them to customers for confirmation. For bulk products, they send inferior goods or add some inferior mink hair to get more profits, which is very bad.

We are in a responsible attitude towards our products and customers. I recommend that customers first purchase samples and confirm that the product quality is correct, then we can cooperate. We are a large company and eyelash factory with many years of cooperation experience, and I also hope to provide you with the best service and products

How to order Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

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WhatsApp:+86 176 6965 2217

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