Green Environmental Protection Eyelashes Concept

Green environmental protection is the theme of the new era. At the same time, environmental protection is not only a cool way of life but also a fashion trend. Environmentally friendly clothing themes can be seen in various shows. In the face of Beautiful Eyelashes, environmental protection has gradually become a popular demand in the market. What are the Green Environmental Protection Eyelashes?

Reusable and degradable and cruelty free

Throw away the disposable eyelashes when you run out. For daily necessities such as High Quality Eyelashes Minks, not only is more money wasted, it is actually not environmentally friendly to the environment.

On the contrary, reusable high-quality Invisible Strip Lashes can be stored after use. Because of the special styling technology, the eyelashes are comfortable and not deformed after repeated use. They can be reused 30-35 times, saving a lot of money. The environment also reduces losses. As the top 3 in the eyelash industry, Lashesprda truly achieves cruelty free. Our mink lashes are all made from the natural shedding hair of mink. so vegetarians can buy them with confidence.

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Biodegradable Eyelashes Tray

In order to implement the concept of environmental protection, eyelashes are also environmentally friendly eyelashes. This new type of eyelash tray is a degradable material, so there is no need to worry about causing a burden on the environment if accidentally damaged. On the premise of ensuring environmental protection elements, the eyelash holder has fine lines and has a texture to the touch, which is very suitable for high-quality eyelashes.

ECO-friendly eyelash tray

Eco-friendly Green Environmental Protection Eyelashes Box

In the environmental protection series, lashesprda launched several environmentally friendly eyelash magnet cases. Marble sunset pattern, green water ripple, mermaid pattern. These Eco-friendly eyelash case bulk can print your logo.

eco-friendly eyelash box

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Lashesprda has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection. From false mink eyelashes to every detail everywhere. Really do so that customers have no worries. Vegetarian and environmentally friendly customers, can be assured to buy.

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