The current lashes extension on the market is mainly grafted eyelashes and strip lashes. The characteristics of these eyelashes are different from human eyelashes. The cycle of human hair metabolism is 12-15 days. During this period, the eyelashes will gradually fall off, and if you graft your eyelashes, you must go to the beauty salon to replant. The characteristic of strip lashes is that it is easy and convenient to use and wear.

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Eyelash lift and eyelash extension are more mainstream solutions you may have heard of. Eyelash transplant surgery is another method used to improve the appearance of sparse eyelashes. Unlike lifting and stretching, this procedure can provide longer lasting results if performed correctly by a certified surgeon.

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Permanent lashes, is a way of grafting eyelashes. However, the requirements for certified surgeons are very high, and they must be handled in professional places. This is not 100% indestructible. With human metabolism, planted eyelashes will slowly wither. False eyelashes need careful care and care.

At present, facial makeup, lip makeup, eye makeup, and hairdressing are the most popular makeup parts for women in the world. Especially in the case of COVID-19, eye makeup is more feminine. The makeup of eyebrows and eyelashes is very important, especially the choice of eyelash styles, which directly reflects whether it is sexy and charming, or smart and gentle. Both have an indispensable effect on the performance of the characters. Especially Strip lashes and magnetic lashes are most popular . lashesprda latest design upgrade faux mink lashes and magnetic lashes are best selling in US and European. If you need false lashes queens please direct click whatsapp contact with us . custom your own fake lashes .

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