How To Apply Half Lashes ?

Summer coming now and many girl love to apply half false eyelashes now. But do you really know how to correct apply half lashes ? lashesprda half lashes are easy to apply on yourself.

  1. Remove false half lashes from the case by detaching band from tray.

2. Hold the lash band on each side with both hands; work and wiggle back and forth several times to soften and increase flexibility.

3. Apply adhesive to the back of the lash band; wait for 10-20 seconds before proceeding to allow it to dry slightly.

4. Place the half lash at the edge of your eye on top of your natural lash line; softly press band containing adhesive against eyelid to secure; wait for adhesive to dry completely.

Wholesale 3d half strip lashes

Wholesale 3d half strip lashes

Natural looking 3d half false eyelashes

Natural looking 3d half false eyelashes

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How to remove and care half lashes ?

Tips: For best results, complete your desired makeup look before placing Hrlashes half lashes; this includes mascara application on natural lashes. Avoid applying mascara directly to half lashes for increased longevity.

Care and Reuse: lashesprda half lashes are very durable; with proper care, each pair can be used multiple times. And To remove false half lashes from eyes, gently lift band at outer corner; continue to ease across the base of natural lash line in a soft pulling motion.Use fingers to carefully remove any excess adhesive left on the half lash band.

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