How to customize your personalized eyelash box?

Our company not only makes eyelashes, but also supports custom eyelash boxes. Serve customers’ individual needs. Selling eyelashes in boxes customized by your users I believe will have a good effect.

How to customize your own box? You just need to provide me with the following information:

1. What shape of eyelash box do you want? We have a variety of boxes for you to choose from. There are rectangular, square, diamond and other shapes of packaging boxes. You can tell me what shape you want and I can provide you with it.

2. The size of your eyelash packaging. Some eyelash trays can hold one pair of eyelashes, and some can hold two pairs of eyelashes or even, according to your size, we will also give you suggestions. Can provide you with customized packaging.

3.The color of the box you want. The color is divided into outer packaging color and inner packaging color, our company provides you with the packaging color to produce the box.

4. Your own logo. This is the most important step for your personal customized box, which means that your own brand will be sold to the market. It is also the first step in starting your false eyelashes career. So you must send me the source file of the logo, so that I can help you customize the eyelash box to show the best results.

5. Tell me the material of the eyelash box you want. Different materials give people a different feel, we can determine the material of the box according to your needs.

6. Tell me the number of boxes you want to customize. According to the material and quantity of the box, we will give you the production cycle of the box in order to determine the delivery time of the box, not to delay your eyelash business, but also facilitate our future cooperation.

Our company can provide you with the best eyelashes and the most value-added accessories to help you better sell eyelashes and promote cooperation between us. look forward to your reply!

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