How to make eyelashes longer

Nowadays, more and more girls choose to lengthen their eyelashes in order to make themselves look good. This will make their eyes bigger and look very charming. I have summarized some of the most commonly used methods for growing eyelashes. . I hope to help you.

First, use an eyelash brush and mascara to apply lightly on your eyelashes to make your eyelashes longer. It is also convenient to use, but the shape of the eyelashes will be relatively simple, and the mascara will be rubbed off accidentally. Moreover, mascara is a chemical substance and may cause damage to the eyes.

Second, graft eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes is also a popular way to extend eyelashes. When grafting eyelashes, you need to choose the material of the eyelashes and the curl of the eyelashes. It looks more real and natural. However, after grafting the eyelashes, washing the face will be very inconvenient, and the grafting of the eyelashes will cause damage to the true eyelashes, and the grafting of the eyelashes will fall off a little during use. Also, grafting eyelashes is relatively expensive. Talents with certain economic strength will choose this method.

Third, false eyelashes. The method of using false eyelashes has become very popular. Because false eyelashes can choose materials and curl according to their own preferences. And after using false eyelashes, it will look more natural, and it is also very convenient to use,You can choose false eyelashes according to the characteristics of different occasions and different people. The price is lower than that of grafted eyelashes. It can also give the effect that grafted eyelashes can not provide. The use time is relatively long. As long as you use it carefully, you can use it more than 25 times without any problems.

You see here, it shows that you have a certain understanding of eyelash extensions, and by comparison, I think that using false eyelashes is the safest and easiest way to meet the needs of most people.

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