How to prolong the use time of mink eyelashes?

Lashesprda’s mink eyelashes are high-end luxury goods. Each hair is carefully selected and processed with high technology. In order to make each pair of eyelashes realistic and natural, each hair has a hair tip. Make it look more like your own eyelashes.

Because of the limited length of marten hair, we are limited by some restrictions. We use hand knitted methods to make hair on the eyeliner. The length of the hair of the mink fur determines that the mink hair eyelashes have to be applied to other processes to coat the hair on the eyeliner, while the animal hair has oily surface and glue water is difficult to penetrate.

The glue is made by the postdoctoral Tony Sun from the US. Our glue is healthy, odorless, soft and durable. But even so, because mink hair is glued on, you can’t tear the hair or rub the hair root. When choosing the mink eyelashes produced by lasheprda, you must use good glue to stick the eyelashes. The best eyelash glue is duo. You can also choose the glue we selected.

When we take eyelashes from top to bottom, we have allowed workers to reserve a line of eyeliner. You should use forceps to clamp the excess eyeliner, gently remove it, cut off the excess parts, and try to choose a space cutting place when cutting. Do not choose to cut in areas where hair is more. Don’t worry too much. The rest of the hair is still strong. It doesn’t affect the effect.

When taking off the eyelashes, you should use a good glue remover to wipe off the glue left at the root of mink eyelashes, and do not rub them with force! Don’t tear it!
When the eyelashes are removed, be sure to put them on the original support and keep the eyeliner soft and bent.

Dear users, the more expensive things, the better to maintain and cherish, in order to use for a long time. If you don’t cherish him, it won’t love you.
Just like silk clothes and Rolls Royce cars, you have to use them carefully to get better and better. More and more value.

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