Can you trim fake eyelashes?

when you bought a perfect pair of fake eyelashes and as you go to place them upon your natural lash line. You notice that they are way too long. This becomes bothersome for you. and you know that wearing them in this state appearance to look a bit strange. But how to trim fake eyelashes ? lashesprda will teach you today.

Once you’ve found the perfect set of false eyelashes to match your own unique eye shape. Cutting them down to size becomes the next step. Trimming false eyelashes is sometimes a necessary part of the process , when you receive a new pair of falsies. Especially if you are an individual with a smaller eye size. Because most eyelash factory make long false eyelashes that can be adapted to most people. But as the best eyelash manufacturer in China. Lashesprda has various types of false eyelashes. For example, we have best false eyelashes for small almond eyes. And best false eyelashes for mature eyes. And best false eyelashes for hooded eyes. best false eyelashes for small asian eyes. best false lashes for beginners and so on. Love if you wanna check more eyelashes type please check below.

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In order to cut your fake lashes, you’ll need a few rather self-explanatory items.What you’ll need:

  1. Tweezers for easier application and measurement

2. A pair of scissors; small and sharp are the best for dealing with the tiny spaces in between fake eyelash hairs.

Step 1: Trimming False Eyelashes – Measuring Your Eye and Preparing Your Lashes for Trimming

Picking up your false eyelashes, measure your eye using the clean. unused false eyelash by placing it upon your eyelid with a pair of tweezers. In order to make sure the lash is the correct length for your eye size, place the fake eyelash exactly where your natural eyelashes begin at the inner corner of your eye, and allow the excess length to hang over the outer corner of your eye.

At the spot where your natural lashes end, or just a little bit over. Is usually the right place to trim your falsies for the proper fit. You never ever want to trim the inner corners of your lashes, so make sure first of all that you have the correct set of the pair on the correct eye , and always be sure to only take away length from the outer edges of the lashes. Using your tweezers, pinch the strip on the outer side at the location where you’ll be trimming the false lashes.

trim fake eyelashes

Step 2: How to trim fake eyelashes – Cutting Your Lashes Down to Size

Once you’ve placed a marker on your eyelashes, using a small, sharp pair of scissors trim the lash where you made a mark with the tweezers. Do the same for the second lash in the pair, and remember that the two lashes might be slightly different sizes, which is totally natural and alright.

mink strip lashes

Sometimes it can take a bit of time to get used to trimming your false eyelashes and getting them to a place where they are the right size for you. Nevertheless, this part of the process is essential. After trimming false eyelashes, you can wear them 30-35 times. So It’s very convenient. If you want to know more, or need to order false eyelashes. Then be sure to contact us from whatsapp or email below!

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