Lashes wholesale-3D fluffy mink lashes

Lashes wholesale3D fluffy mink lashes

It is there Mink lash vendors USA to shine your beauty.—Lashesprda
Today,I would like to introduce 20MM mink lashes wholesale. If you are someone who really love mink lashes,Then you’ve come to the right place. If you are looking for good mink lashes vendor, Lashesprda is your best choice.
  • Lashes wholesale-The first style

This is a typical  fluffy mink lashes. As you can see,from one third of the position to the end is fluffy. When you apply them, They make you look more attractive.3D fluffy mink lashes are very popular in the market,especially in USA.

  • Lashes wholesale-The second style

This style is also fluffy lashes. But DM05 is thinner than the fist style. I think both of them are very pretty. For the first time,You can order samples to check styles first .


  • Lashes wholesale-The third style

This one is not very fluffy styles. This 3D mink lashes are more thicker than the above two styles. If you like thick mink lashes strips, this one is your best choice.


Lashesprda is a creative eyelash factory. We have our own eyelash brand, with our unique eyelash  design, with the best quality service. Lashesprda is in the principle of sincere service for customers.We are with the heart to change the heart, with each customer as friends as possible. And help them start the eyelash business together, and the bigger the bigger.

Lashes wholesale

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